Supercharge Your Cloud Development

Unlock the Benefits of Multi-Cloud, Maximize your Engineering Process and Bring Enterprise Grade Capabilities for your Product

Seamlessly Manage your Infrastructure

Provision & Deploy in Minutes

A simple user interface where you can provision and deploy your infrastructure in the cloud of your preference.

Cloud-Native & Lighting Fast

No matter the technology stack or complexity, our cloudnative architecture ensures that there will be no delays in your operations.

Enterprise Grade Security

Every cluster deployed through clAppIt is equipped with enterpriselevel security, providing you with a secure cloud stack.

Multi-Cloud Unified Ecosystem

Unify all your cloud accounts and clusters into one integrated ecosystem for maximum flexibility and compatibility.

Connect Your Database

You can work with either MongoDB, Postgres, or any Database of your choice, and easily connect all your core functions in the cloud.

Scalable Teams & Productivity

As your team grows, you can easily add new members without having to oversee them in order to test all the features.

Built on Top of Best of Open Source Software

Scalable Technology with Kubernetes

Our architecture is based on the best of Open Source, and is centered around the Highly Scalable Kubernetes platform. This allows your technology to quickly scale up as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the free trial?​

On the Pricing Page, there is a Free Subscription Model available. Additionally, if you sign up for the Pro/Premium subscription model, you will get a free trial activated in your profile without needing to provide a credit card.

What forms of payment do you accept?​

Stripe is our primary payment gateway integration. We plan to add more payment options in the future.

Who is eligible for the free trial?​

Everyone is eligible for the free trial. If you are associated with an accelerator or venture capital portfolio, you can access an extended free trial mode from our Startup Program page.

Are there any limitations with the free trial?​

The free trial mode is fully loaded we know it‘s crazy! We just want you to experience the tool to its fullest potential. (PS: we are always adding more features.)

Where is my data stored?

We do not store your data unless you give us permission to do so. You can host us on your own infrastructure/cloud, and if you want us to keep a copy, we will ask for your consent before caching/storing your data.

You have more questions? Reach Out to Us!

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