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18Days 05Hours 31Minutes 35Seconds

One Stop Backend For
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Go-to-Market faster with your SaaS. clAppIt puts all the essential auxiliary systems you need to plug into your core app to onboard your customers into your business. Cloud Setup, Security & more scalable and ready to run in the shortest time.

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Built on K8S; Kubernetes, the open source architecture to build powerful and highly scalable SaaS products.

SaaS Centric

We are continuously developing a robust and reliable backend needed for a highly scalable SaaS product.

Easy to Use

A Clean User interface helps you seamlessly integrate your core app to all the essential micro-services needed.


All your application deployment & process is Inherently secured by our platform.

Building & Scaling a SaaS is HARD

Imagine if your developers and business team can all work on building the best core business logic you can. To do that and only focus on the core features that make your product unique is huge, you first need to put in work weeks or even months to set up the basics correctly and securely. clAppIt includes a lot of micro-services that every SaaS Backend needs and cost a lot of time to build out yourself.

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We’ll Bring These Feature

clAppIt is the easiest and inherently secure operating model for your SaaS Product to Scale

Cloud Infra Setup

Create your desired cloud setup using a GUI-based orchestration that is easy to configure, maintain and scale.



Provide comprehensive login security & authentication system to your users built on oAuth2.0 + OpenID with an inherent federated authentication system using external oAuth & social logins.


Give your clients a super view of how their subscriptions & features are consumed based on the ingress and egress. This can also be used to measure & manage your user's billing.


Watch closely your cloud & application consumption, and performance, available with configurable alerts.



Complete Role Back Access Control with a granular permission management system that is highly flexible, customizable, and configurable.


Notification Engine

Mobile, Web & Email based notifications system with beautiful ready-to-use templates to easily send to your users at access.

User Management

Onboard, Import, Manage & comprehensively adjust users & their setting for your SaaS in one place with flexibility through a UI.

API Access Management

A highly configurable and customizable API Key permission system to offer your SaaS product or cloud system through API integration to your customers.


Storage & DB Access

An abstract provision to manage & control your storage & DB Access across clouds.


Onboard & Manage your B2B customers providing them with their own user role permission management.


Rate Limiting

Intelligently control your throttle settings to make your application offering availability high to all users consistently.


Service Bus & Logging

A highly scalable service bus engine to manage the asynchronous load on your application. Tracing your application activities across multiple internal services.

Save over 1500 Hours of Backend Development.

You can save time using clAppIt’s one-stop platform to optimize your and save your developers time.

Quickstart in Minutes

You get a low code, UI-based plug & play platform to connect your core app & cloud in minutes.

Focus on your Core

You can write the core logic purely without even thinking about the security, reliability and other aspects.

Continuous Support

You get a un-paralled support all along the way of building the app with super detailed documentation.

Cloud & Code Agnostic

Write your Core app in any language on any tech stack and host it on any cloud, we are still compatible for building your scalable SaaS backend.

SaaS Businesses are the Most Scalable

We help your SaaS the most robust, reliable & secure product to save your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

clAppIt offers comprehensive micro-services as a platform. We are not boilerplate.
We are open source and we use open source mostly. You are free to move your code or data, we don’t restrict you. In fact, we help you migrate if you are not comfortable.
We have easy-to-follow documentation that is cleanly laid out with images and directions. Yes, of course, we do support you via email too. We want you and your product to succeed. If you have any questions when using clAppIt you can reach out to us at any time at
We are available by email at & feel free to follow us on LinkedIn ( )

Still have questions? Drop us a line at We're happy to help.